Getting started with the O Watch

Congratulations on your very own O Watch kit! 

O Watch kit has all the pieces you will need to make your watch. In this project you will learn how electronic parts fit together and function as a product. Let’s get started!

Important! Before you start!

  • This great fun project will require some adult supervision.
  • O Watch kit contains electronics components like circuit board, battery, connecting wires and small 3D printed delicate parts.
  • The O Watch buttons are tiny parts that can get lost easily. Please use a clean flat surface to setup.

There are 6 steps to setup your O Watch. You just need to do it this one time.

  1. Unbox your O Watch Kit
  2. Assemble the O Watch
  3. Configure the Arduino Software
  4. Install the TinyScreen Library
  5. Connect the O Watch
  6. Upload your first Program

If you prefer the steps in one page, you can open or download this PDF file that one of our backers made. (Thanks Mike!)

If you are facing problems connecting to O Watch/TinyScreen+ then see the troubleshooting steps below.