O Watch is an open-source Arduino based smart watch kit designed to enable kids of all ages learn 3D design, coding and band making while making their own smart watch.

Here is Omkar describing O Watch at the World Maker Faire 2015 in New York. (Courtesy Atmel)

3D Printing: O Watch cases can be customized and 3D printed at home, a makerspace near you or via online 3D printing services. Sample 3D design files are freely available to download and customize.

Coding: Arduino is a very popular open source hardware platform for all ages to get started with coding. O Watch is based on the new Arduino Zero platform.

Band Crafting: The watch bands can also be custom made at home using several band making crafts like paracord bands and rainbow loom bands.


There are 2 versions of the O Watch kit.

  1. Base Kit: Main O Watch processor board (OLED screen + Arduino Zero board) + rechargeable battery + the 3D printed case + watch band + paracord kit + USB cable.
  2. Sensor Kit: Base Kit + sensor board (sensors to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and also a 3 axis magnetometer for compass function).

The O Watch Story

O Watch is conceptualized and created by then 8 year old Omkar who launched it on Kickstarter successfully in Aug 2015. A Raspberry Pi board at his uncle’s unused pile of hardware boards piqued his curiosity in electronics when he was 6. He started dabbling in Arduino programming after coming across several interesting projects at Maker Faire in 2012. Then 12 year old entrepreneur, Quin Etnyre was Omkar’s inspiration to make a product and build a business. Check our blog to learn more about Omkar’s journey.