Adding a Game to O Watch

Now let us see how we can add a pre-written game to the Simple Watch 2 Example. In this case we will add a version of Flappy Birds game TinyCircuits has written for the TinyScreen.

First try just the game. Click here to download Flappy Birdz, unzip to your Arduino folder and load to the O Watch to play.


Integrating the game to Simple Watch

When you try to integrate another game or program into you O Watch code, you need to break the different sections of the incoming program. a) The include and variable declarations need to go at the beginning before setup, b) check to see what needs to be added to the setup section c) add the main incoming code as you intend into the main loop and finally d) add the user defines functions from the incoming program after the loop.

Note that there is a separate include file ‘flappyBirdSprites.h’ that has to be in the same folder as this program.

To load this program to your O Watch, click here to download Demo Watch 3, unzip it to the Arduino folder and you can then open it and load it to your O Watch.

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