Buy O Watch Cases

You can now order O Watch case parts individually from either Sculpteo or Shapeways. Each part can be ordered in a variety of colors in plastic.

<Important: You need to order all the 3 corresponding parts for each kit (Base or Sensor) for one full case.


We recommend our Sculpteo as the preferred choice for 3D printing. All the parts shipped to our backers were 3D printed via Sculpteo and validated to print to expected quality and ships fast.

Discount: You can order the parts from Sculpteo by clicking through the parts listed below or you can go directly to the O Watch Store on Sculpteo.


Base Kit Parts on Sculpteo

Sensor Kit Parts on Sculpteo


Shapeways is another good option. Though in our experience the quality of Shapeways is slightly lower than Sculpteo. Though it is a fair trade-off considering the lower price.

You can click on the links below to add the parts to your shopping cart on Shapeways or you jump to the O Watch Store on Shapeways.

Base Kit Parts on Shapeways

Sensor Kit Parts in Shapeways