6. Upload your first program

  • Download this demo program and unzip it to your Documents->Arduino folder. (My Documents->Arduino in Mac). The program is shown below. Alternately, you can copy and paste the code below in its entirety in to the Arduino IDE
  • In the Arduino IDE, go to File->Open and select the O_Watch_Logo_Demo.ino file from the Arduino folder. Click ok when it asks to create a folder.
  • Make sure the Tools->Boards and Tools-Port both point to TinyScreen+.
  • Click the arrow icon pointing to the right on top menu bar of Arduino IDE. This is the upload button that loads the program into your O Watch. It should show ‘Uploading’ and then ‘Done uplodading’ on the status bar on below the IDE.
  • If it successfully uploaded then you should see the demo running on the O Watch screen.

Congratulations on first O Watch upload!


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