Designing the O Watch Case

This tutorial shows how the current O Watch case is designed.

1. Design Tools

O Watch case was designed using a popular 3D design software called Sketchup. You could use other tools you prefer.

2. Measure the dimensions

Before you can start designing the case, you need to take precise measurements for the electronic components. Best is to use a digital caliper as shown below. This shows measurements for the base kit; sensor kit will be thicker including the sensor board.

3. Designing case parts in Sketchup

Video shows the design of O Watch Base Kit main case, the back/closure and buttons in Sketchup Make.

4. Design source files

The O Watch Base Kit model source files are available at Sketchup 3D Warehouse Base Kit Collection . You can download and customize them.










The Sensor Kit model files are available available in the Sketchup 3D  Warehouse Sensor Collection .

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