1. Unbox your O Watch Kit?

Here is what you should have received.

  • Main Processor Board – TinyScreen+ (TS+) : This is the brains of your watch. It is a microcontroller (mini computer) that you will use to program your watch.
  • Sensor Board (If you have the Sensor Kit) : Sensor Board comes with 4 sensors: temperature, compass, humidity and pressure
  • Rechargeable LiPo Battery : It is a battery that gets recharged when connected to a power source.
  • USB Cable
  • Main Watch Case : A 3D printed main case.
  • Watch Case Back (closure) : A 3D printed case back.
  • Watch Case Buttons (2 pairs) : 3D printed case button set. You should have 2 pairs, one for each side of buttons.
  • Watch Band
  • Paracord (5’ #275)
  • Glue tabs (⅜” 10mm )

O Watch Kit


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