Order O Watch Kits

Select the O Watch Kit you’d like to buy and click the Order Now button for that kit. Select the watch case color to order in next step. Watch cases are available in 2 colors – Blue and Orange.

Ships in two days!  Limited stock available.

O Watch Base Kit – $85.00

O Watch TinyScreen+ Arduino Zero processor board + rechargeable battery + 3D printed case + paracord kit + watch band + USB cable.


O Watch Sensor Kit – $109.00

O Watch Sensor Kit comes with Base Kit + the add-on sensor board (contains sensors to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and also a 3 axis magnetometer for compass function).


O Watch 3D Print Store

If you already own an O Watch you can also buy just the 3D printed cases in a variety of colors from the O Watch 3D Print Store.